Candles and Home Fragrance

One of the nicest compliments I have received is when people walk into our home and say that it smells lovely, cozy or warm. I have often been asked, “oh what candle do you have burning?” Well if you know me, then you know that I love candles and am very particular about scents.

Home fragrance is such a special thing as it weaves itself into the fabric of your life and can instantly transform your mood and the mood of your guests. I love scents with a bit of amber or warmth in them. I also tend to like scents that are deeper but more subtle and linger longer without being overbearing. Here are some of my favorites that I always have around the house. 

I love the Diptyque Baies candle in the larger size, not only because it smells divine for winter time, it is also pretty to display. I tend to like candles that also look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as it is an easy way to elevate the look of a space. I love the look of the Asteir de Villatte candles (white candle simple jar I know, I know) and my favorite scent is Rue St. Honore which is so clean yet warm and powdery and truly does remind of the smell of parquet floors in the Parisian shops. I have this one in the kitchen and like to light it in the morning. One of my most favorite candles that I use almost every day is an amber scent by Voyage et Cie. This is a local company in Los Angeles and has the aesthetic that I love as well (simple white candle in a glass jar). I love the three wick jars with the ticker glass and the St. Barths scent is really our home’s every day scent.

Another staple in our home is the Rose Noir and Our candle by Nest. I just love the rose scent. I also love the sample jar and the three wick option in this candle. This is the one I have in our entry way.

For special occasions I adore the Cire Turdon candles. They were founded in 1643 and provided candles to Versailles. The magic and mystique around the brands history and the scents themselves are so captivating to me. My favorite is the Abd El Kader (which we have in the large size). I also love the seasonal holiday candles that they release each year around Christmas time.

One candle that is the most special to me and I can say is my all time favorite candle is the Amber candle from Jovoy Paris. I smelled it on the Rue de Castiglione one cold day walking down the street with Mr. Handsome. I had to go in and ask what that scent was and immediately purchased a few candles. Over the years, I have collected a few each time we travel to Paris. I have not been able to locate this candle here in the U.S. I am currently down to my last jar, which means a trip is due soon! 

Some other favorites are candles from Hotel Costes (the brown one is another all time favorite I light in winter time), the Ralph Lauren holiday candle, and various Jo Malone ones which I have a few scattered around the house. I have included some of my favorites here. I hope you enjoy them.