My Closet

In our last home Mr. Handsome and I shared a small walk in closet. We both have a quiet a bit of clothes, so sometimes I had to climb over boxes of shoes to get to my stuff. When we first toured our current home, the previous owners were using this room attached to the master bedroom as an office. As soon as I saw the room I knew it would make a splendid closet. The room opens up to a spacious balcony  and has great natural light. 

With the help of Molly Britt we turned this room into my closet! We added sound attenuation insulation, as we changed the flooring from all carpet to match downstairs French Oak (as we did with all of the upstarts). We sourced the chandelier, which I love so much as one of the first things we picked for the closet, from Circa Lighting. The closet and the island as well as the bench behind it were built by California Closets. Molly and California Closets did an amazing job and everything fits the space really well. As for the island’s countertop we used the same marble Calcutta Gold marble as the rest of the house to keep it cohesive.
We used a lot of drawers as there is not a lot of wall space for hanging. I have really grown to love deep drawers as you can fit so much into them! The island is also great storage as it has drawers on both sides. The shoes and purse wall, as well as the entire hanging wall across the balcony are the only wall space we had available to use. The rest of the walls were occupied by windows. The knobs were sourced by Molly from Gerber Hinge and I just love the dainty, delicate yet understated brass knobs.

I sourced the furniture in the balcony from my favorite local French cafe Moulin. The table and the chairs are both from Maison Gatti who for the past 100 years has provided the traditional cafe chairs and tables to the Parisian cafes all over the city! Every time I see the chairs and the table I feel as if I have a little piece of magical Paris in my balcony.